Welcome to My Sweet Koala

My Sweet Koala is the baby club and shop in Victoria Corner. A space to share, to try, to experiment and to feel.

First aid in infants and children

At My Sweet Koala, we believe that pediatric first aid training should be mandatory, as should vaccinations. All persons who have minors in their care or care, have the responsibility to know how to act in an emergency situation, so we make available this information, as well as ongoing training for families and caregivers, main actions that we must know in case of emergency.

Practice yoga during pregnancy

  Much has already been written about the benefits of yoga for the health of the body and mind. We know that it is recommended to people of all ages and physical conditions, and that their usual practice often “changes the life” of those who discover in yoga a path to self-knowledge and well-being.

Maternal Education – Childbirth Preparation

At My Sweet Koala we have a deep respect for motherhood. Our desire is to offer moms-to-be a space to share, learn and feel good whatever their desired parenting model. To do this, we have qualified professionals who will help you understand the different phases of childbirth, postpartum and parenting of your baby.
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